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rock 📦

Reproducible Open Coding Kit

The pkgdown website for this project is located at https://r-packages.gitlab.io/rock.

The Reproducible Open Coding Kit (ROCK, and this package, rock) was developed to facilitate reproducible and open coding, specifically geared towards qualitative research methods. Although it is a general-purpose toolkit, three specific applications have been implemented, specifically an interface to the rENA package that implements Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA), means to process notes from Cognitive Interviews (CIs), and means to work with a decentralized construct taxonomy (DCT).

There is a FLOSS interface for the ROCK, iROCK, available at https://i.rock.science (the accompanying git repository is available at https://gitlab.com/sci-ops/irock).

We are in the process of writing a textbook to support working with the ROCK standard, this rock R package, and the iROCK interface. This book is available at https://rockbook.org.

Materials for a brief workshop are available through https://rock.science/workshop-2-hour


You can install the released version of rock from CRAN with:


You can install the development version of rock from GitLab with:


(assuming you have remotes installed; otherwise, install that first using the install.packages function)

If you really want to install the most cutting edge version, install the ‘dev’ branch of this repository: