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Palantir’s Blueprint for Shiny Apps

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Why shiny.blueprint?

We believe that a great UI plays a huge role in the success of application projects. shiny.blueprint gives your apps:


Stable version:

install.packages("shiny.blueprint", dependencies = TRUE)

Development version:

remotes::install_github("Appsilon/shiny.blueprint", dependencies = TRUE)

With dependencies = TRUE the suggested packages (required to run some examples) will be installed in addition to mandatory dependencies.

Quick start

Here’s how to create a basic shiny.blueprint app:


  ui = tagList(
      inputId = "animate",
      value = TRUE,
      label = "Animate"
  server = function(input, output) {
    output$progress <- renderReact({
      ProgressBar(animate = input$animate)

The majority of Blueprint components are available in shiny.blueprint. Start typing shiny.blueprint:: in RStudio to see all available components. Visit the Blueprint docs to see what arguments (props) can be passed to the components.


All components have usage examples in R. Type ?shiny.blueprint::ComponentName to see the code or shiny.blueprint::runExample("ExampleName") to launch it. Run this function without arguments to see a list of all available examples.

A showcase application with all components can be launched with shiny.blueprint::runExample("showcase") or by visiting this link.

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